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  • Mold Cleanup Company Beverly Hills - Mold Removal Beverly Hills

    What Is Mold?

    Mold is a fungus. Even before humankind walked the planet, mold was a part of the environment. More than 100,000 species of mold exist in the world. Close to 1,000 species are common in the United States. Mold produces microscopic spores, which are normally found traveling in the air. Frequently they land in areas with extra moisture or are wet. This helps them to reproduce quickly, making it hard to clean up a problem found with mold. This is where Water Damage Beverly Hills comes in.

  • If you think you might have mold in your home, inhaling or touching that toxic mold may cause health problems for you and your family. Water Damage Beverly Hills has courteous trained professionals to evaluate your mold and they are equipped to remove molds from your home for a safer and healthier environment.

  • How do you recognize a mold infestation in your home?

  • Mold is a serious problem. It’s a part of life’s natural decaying process, but it can cause damage to your home. When you see dark spots growing in your shower or smell mold from a pipe leak, your home might be at risk for a greater mold problem.

  • - Check your walls, floors, and ceilings for colored, fuzzy growths.
    - Detect a strange odor? It could be mold.
    - If you’re suffering from allergies, mold spores could be the culprit.